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    Ensure you have the game installed (there should, among other things, be a main folder and a jb_mp_s.dll file in it). If you're missing discord_game_sdk.dll or EOSSDK-Win32-Shipping.dll, or if you're getting an "Invalid game version" error, download this and copy the files to your game folder. Download the latest plutonium-quantum.exe and place it in the game folder Run plutonium-quantum.exe to play

    Logging in:
    When clicking Windows LIVE in the main menu, the game should open a browser and authenticate automatically, as long as you're logged in to the forum. If you aren't, login in the browser when prompted to. The authentication flow should continue automatically afterwards.

    If anything goes wrong, make sure you're logged in to the forum in your default browser and restart the game and try again. Some browsers (like Brave) may block the authentication flow, disabling "privacy protection" features temporarily may help (like Brave's "Shield"). You could also try a different browser, and visit after clicking Windows LIVE at least once in-game.

    Joining parties:
    Parties in this game have been implemented with the "invite to group" feature in Discord. When you're in a party (anywhere but the main menu), you should see "Invite x to Play Plutonium Quantum" in various places in Discord, use these to invite other people. Party members should also be able to do this. Read through this support article for more information.

    If you have the Discord Overlay enabled, you should be able to invite straight from the game using that too (requires manually whitelisting Plutonium Quantum in Discord settings first).

    Finding games:
    Matchmaking is implemented and can be accessed by pressing Find Game in the menu. If any matches for a specific playlist are found, your game should attempt to join it. Otherwise, you will become the host for a new lobby and wait for other people to join.

    If you are unable to find games, try backing out and searching again. You can also ask people in #looking-for-games on Discord to make sure there're other people playing.

    The game uses peer-to-peer lobbies, so your IP address may be shared with other people.

    Changing advanced settings:
    To change settings such as cg_fov, com_maxfps, or to set an exact value for input_viewSensitivity, you have to modify the player config manually. The file path is <game folder>\saved\players\<user id>\config_mp.cfg. The file format should be familiar to anyone wanting to do this.

    Note: Unlike our other games, we have not made the in-game console accessible. The reason for this is to improve the quality of public lobbies, we may enable it later.

    Common issues:

    Connectivity issues (other people not being able to join your party, private match or public lobby) Make sure Windows Firewall and any other "anti-virus" software isn't blocking the game. Additionally, make sure UPnP is enabled in your router, or manually port forward port 1000 to your computer. Settings not saving while in-game Open and close the Controls menu (after changing other settings), it should trigger a save
  • Request support for the Plutonium Launcher, please wait at-least 1 day for a reply, it can get busy.

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    You make a lot of claims with no knowledge

    Plutonium is a not a low quality crack or a pirate project just like your VPN, it's a client that has years of work and tons of additions that a lot of people can see and appreciate (and improve/use)
    People seeing Plutonium as a free equality/lower quality alternative are the issues, not the project itself

    A VPN does not get you banned and even if it did how are you so sure it's the VPN?
    Did you read packets or read source code or something to prove your claims?

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