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BO2 Server Hosting Support

Request support for the Plutonium T6 servers, please wait at-least 1 day for a reply, it can get busy. The community is free to try to help in any thread.

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  • PlutoT6 server set-up guide.

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    How to install IW4MAdmin GSC Anti-Cheat for T6

    This is for advanced users only!
    Do not skip steps or alter the metrics names!
    Just remember the GSC anti-cheat is a port from IW4x, So chances of false bans 3%

    First thing first. You MUST edit the StatsPluginSettings.json. If you don't edit your StatsPluginSettings.json. You going to have yourself a lot of angry players and FALSE BANS for norecoil.

    Every time you move your servers. you must edit the IP and port of your server without any dots or :'s in your ip and port. They have to match the same address as your IW4MAdminSettings.json file or it throw everyone into norecoil bans which is all false!

    Now compile this gsc file. and stick it in your t6r/data/maps/mp/gametypes/ and make sure the filename is called _clientids.gsc

    Here is a example. I removed killstreak messages as I don't see any of that fit for T6 while it's for IW4x "Better call that nuke!" message lol.

    { "EnableAntiCheat": null, "KillstreakMessages": [], "DeathstreakMessages": [], "TopPlayersMinPlayTime": 10800, "StoreClientKills": false, "MostKillsMaxInactivityDays": 30, "MostKillsClientLimit": 5, "ServerDetectionTypes": null, "AnticheatConfiguration": { "Enable": true, "ServerDetectionTypes": { "1270014976": [ "Offset", "Strain", "Snap" ] }, "IgnoredClientIds": [], "IgnoredDetectionSpecification": { "IW4": { "Chest": [ "m21.+" ], "Recoil": [ "ranger.*_mp", "model1887.*_mp", ".+shotgun.*_mp" ], "Button": [ ".*akimbo.*" ] } } } }

    1270014976 being your IP address and Port on the end. You can use local or the actual IP just Make sure it matches the same IP you have on IW4MAdminSettings.json as well.

    Again do not use dot's or : on your IP or you will have a broken function/json file. that's why they were removed for a reason.. If you host more multiable servers. then you would need to add more IP function to the StatsPluginSettings.json. For example.... This is my actual copy I used.

    { "EnableAntiCheat": null, "KillstreakMessages": [], "DeathstreakMessages": [], "TopPlayersMinPlayTime": 10800, "StoreClientKills": false, "MostKillsMaxInactivityDays": 30, "MostKillsClientLimit": 5, "ServerDetectionTypes": null, "AnticheatConfiguration": { "Enable": true, "ServerDetectionTypes": { "19823145744976": [ "Offset", "Strain", "Snap" ], "19823145744978": [ "Offset", "Strain", "Snap" ] }, "IgnoredClientIds": [], "IgnoredDetectionSpecification": { "IW4": { "Chest": [ "m21.+" ], "Recoil": [ "ranger.*_mp", "model1887.*_mp", ".+shotgun.*_mp" ], "Button": [ ".*akimbo.*" ] } } } }

    Yes that is 2 T6 servers., If you hosting only 2 T6 Multiplayers. You can always validate your json file here to be sure you done it correctly. Hope this helps.

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  • lost connection to nix socket...

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    Make sure your clock is synced.

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    port triggers are no the same as port forwards. My guess its that virtual servers point one above it on the left.

  • server hosting limits

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    FutureRave Nice one mate appreciate you

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  • How do I make Paralyzer work?

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    why cant i fly with paralyser? even though im in a solo game

  • bat error

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  • Friends can't connect to server

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    can you explain how the server works with RadminVpn

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    noyshinji said in literally nothing works with this launcher when it comes to multiplayer capabilities.:

    everyone who says it is a fucking liar

    That's an odd way of seeing things, because you cannot get it to work/don't know port forwarding
    If you know port forwarding it takes 10s to get it to work
    I'll give you more comprehensive instructions below

    Custom games

    Plutonium T6/BO2 party system isn't too reliable if you don't port forward

    ▶️ If you can port forward on your router
    We highly recommend doing it since it will make parties way more reliable, should work all the time
    Instructions to port forward:

    ▶️ If you can't port forward on your router
    The host will have to restart his game until the game shows the right IP
    After starting his game, the host clicks on Options then goes into the System Info menu (press S)
    If the IP ADDRESS line DOES NOT read after EXTERNAL then players should be able to join.
    If it DOES read then the host restarts his game and checks again.
    Again and again until the IP is not this/matches your external/public IP

    ▶️ If you still run into issues after port forwarding/after the host has the right external IP
    Double check that nothing can mess up something related to network (allow the bootstrapper exe in your firewall, turn off/exit your VPN, exit any app similar to Hamachi, double check if your antivirus doesn't have a firewall included etc)
    The exe to whitelist is plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe in %localappdata%\Plutonium\bin
    The port to whitelist is 3074 (UDP)

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  • Zombies Mod Menu

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    FreeDoxx type shit fr

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    FutureRave ¿FutureRave is there any way I can get them?

  • How to update server?

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    IH8Gays05 I hope you fixed your issue, you should know that you must have done something very wrong if the updater didn't work for you.

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • t6 server doesn't run

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    lewislee21 the line showing the version being orange instead of green is just something that was changed in an update. It doesn’t indicate anything.
    As for the server not showing up, it could be normal for you to not see the server if it’s hosted on the same network you’re playing on if the network is not allowing NAT-loopback. Make sure you allow the port the server is using through the PC’s firewall. You’ve supposedly done port forwarding, which is good, but you might need to set up the device running the server to reserve a static local IP if you haven’t already so that the port forwarding rules keep getting applied properly.

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    This also happens to a couple of people and me on the forum. Apparently, there is no fix to this yet.
    See this thread below

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    help me when I launch the server I get the error that I did everything right I don't understand

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