"It appears ur profile data has been corrupted, Ur profile has been reset."

  • So i used this command to open my locked token things in classes "statsetbyname plevel 11" and everything unlocks and make classes and everything. But when i restart the game it shows a red box error on top that "ur profile data is corrupted and profile is reset". All the token things are again locked. Anyone can help ?

  • Project Admin

    Use unlockall to get unlocks.

  • i have used unlock all but it dosent unlock everything so i used this command after and make classes. the classes are made without any problem and work in matches. But when i restart the game it just shows the error and locks the token things

  • Project Admin

    You need to reset your stats by typing resetstats and then unlocking everything again by typing unlockall. we updated unlockall in a recent update, it sets your prestige to 11. You can choose anything you want. Don't attempt to get extra custom class slots, thats still being worked on.