[Tutorial] [MP] How to change the background of BO2

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    To make this modification to the bottom of the game menu, you must have 2 programs downloaded:
    Gimp-https: //www.gimp.org/
    IWI converter: https://www.itsmods.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=2433
    And finally have the file of the background of the game menu:
    Then I open the menu file with Gimp, and disable the 2 options
    Captura de pantalla (668).png
    We give ok, then the image of the menu will appear, there, we will press the keys Ctrl + Alt + O to open the search engine, there we will look for the image that we want to place (if the image they place is very large, they can press Shift + S to adjust the image) and after adjusting it we will press * Scale *
    Captura de pantalla (671).png
    Then, we will press the Ctrl + Shift + E keys to export the file
    Captura de pantalla (672).png
    Then we will choose where we will save it (put this configuration when exporting the file for better results)
    Captura de pantalla (674).png
    Now it would only be necessary to pass the file from DDS to IWI, using the IWI Converter
    Captura de pantalla (677).png
    Then in the panel that will appear, we will press the number 1 for Black Ops 2 and press Enter
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    After that we will have an iwi file which we will put in the following address: %Games \ pluto_t6_full_game \ t6r \ data \ images% if any of the folders is not there, create it
    Captura de pantalla (681).png
    And voila, all that remains is to open the game and see your personalized background (in my case I inverted the colors of the image and so it was xD) , this is only aesthetic, it will not affect the games at all
    Captura de pantalla (635).png
    I know that the tutorial was a bit long, but it is so that everything is clear and without errors, enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice work! By the way, here you can also edit the text of "Black Ops 2 Multiplayer":

  • @iAmKappy Yes, it can be done, in fact I was doing that and it did not look so bad and the game menu looks cool

  • I just tried to load it into my game and it created an error. I'll give the information on the crash dump soon... But if there are any fixes to this that would be great

  • I tried every sort of solution to make it work, but it didn't worked at all. I've created the t6r/data/images folders because In my pc there wasn't any images like that. I did all of the steps, but nothing just the old background.

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