Ranking system | eg. CS:GO/Rocket League

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    Feature: Ranks in plutonium mw3
    Description: It would be nice having some kind of ranks as in other games!
    Motivation: Adding this feature should make mw3 more competitive in general again and it would bring a new aspect to the game.

    Just got the idea of a ranking system using the matchmaking games only.
    Probably even new playlists eg. ranked/unranked? Would be sick as fuck.

    This could be done by using an extra leaderboard for this and following a simple ranking system with using a reserved amount of percentage for each rank.

    Here's an example of a possible rank distribution:


    Tell me what you think, would be nice to see this happening somewhen.

    // Note: This is just a feature suggestion by me and hasnt been discussed with any other staff member(s).

    EDIT: Ranks should not be available for any playlist ofcourse. I would say creating ranked queues for Search and Destroy, Free for all, Team Deathmatch and 1 or 2 other modes should do the job already.

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  • That a great idea ! :D

  • i think this would apply beautifully to the face off playlist