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  • Hello everyone! I'm back with a small tutorial on how to get colored class names on Black Ops II, I'm making this because I haven't seen any tutorials on this, either.

    All of this can be done by hitting the Tilda (~) key on your keyboard and typing in a few commands shown below.

    Once the Console has been opened, paste this command into it,

    setStatFromLocString cacloadouts customclassname 0 "class name"

    Should look this this.
    alt text

    You can replace the 0 with any number going from 0-9, as that will resemble classes 1-10.

    Now the question arises, how do I do colors???

    Well the console is weird, in the fact that doing "^" will prevent you from typing any numbers afterwards.

    This is easily bypassed, though, as typing the number then adding the ^ before it will work just fine, as shown by the image below.

    alt text

    (Make sure you have both of the "s, as if not, your class name will only be 1 word)

    Once you hit enter, voila! Your colored classes are ready to be used!

    alt text

    (Note, the max characters you can have in a class name is 16)

    Here's a list of colors that you can use:
    ^1 - RED
    ^2 - GREEN
    ^3 - YELLOW
    ^4 - BLUE
    ^5 - CYAN
    ^6 - PINK
    ^7 - WHITE
    ^0 - BLACK
    ^; - YALE BLUE
    ^B - Checkerboard.

    (Edit: The same can be done for Class Set Names, here is the command for that.)

    setPublicMatchClassSetNameFromLocString 0 "Set Name"

    alt text

    WARNING: Do not use ^H, as this will make your game crash!!!

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