r1715 - r1790

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  • Hello everyone!
    We have skipped a few updates in the changelogs as they were bug fixes for some oversights on our end to more revisions than updates. We have just released an update though with some new bug fixes and changes and features.

    No changes.


    • Structural fixes - Our developers have been working to reverse engineer the data structures that the game uses, we use this to reduce the chances of bugs or crashes.
    • Fixed bots being stuck in CS_ZOMBIE state when kicked from a server. They should no longer stick around when you run the status command.
    • Bots can now use GSC setspawnweapon and switchToWeapon properly.


    • Killfeed fix - a change we introduced caused the killfeed to appear broken, this has been patched to return it back to normal.
    • iprintln() fix - same as above, this now fixed.
    • GSC errors no longer kill the entire game and instead return you to the main menu, this should make things easier for the mod developers to debug their mods.
    • sv_sayName dvar introduced, server owners can use this in their config files to change the Console: name to a name of their choice. IE Console: IW4MADMIN is now running! could be changed to CLANNAME: IW4MADMIN is now running!


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