How to Make a Custom Background

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  • What's up guys, I hope you're all right, in this tutorial you will learn how to make your own background for your WaW menu, something like this:
    To do this you only need to download 1 thing:
    THIS FOLDER with all the programs you need to do it
    OK, let's start

    • 1 step We will open our file explorer and enter the following address
    XXX \ Games \ pluto_t4_full_game \ main

    and we open the file iw_04, we enter the folder called images and we look for all the files that have the word menu_background at their beginning, all those 6 iwi files with that name are from the game menu

    We will remove them and put them inside the folder called Converters that we downloaded previously
    Desktop 10-05-2021 5-29-04 p. m.-243.jpg Desktop 10-05-2021 5-29-15 p. m.-17.jpg
    Now, we will open the 6 iwi files with the program called IMGxIWI Desktop 10-05-2021 5-33-49 p. m.-841.jpg
    We will get a window where we wait for the program to finish transferring the files from iwi to png
    Desktop 10-05-2021 5-33-58 p. m.-675.jpg

    Desktop 10-05-2021 5-34-32 p. m.-135.jpg

    • 2 step Edit the images
      Then, we will open the images with a program capable of exporting files in DDS, in my case I will use Paint .net, if you want to download it here you can do it
      Desktop 10-05-2021 5-35-25 p. m.-995.jpg
      I recommend that you delete the image before adding the one you want so that you have a preview of how your image will look and if the size is correct (if you want to reduce the size of your image, just press the S key and adjust it to your liking). Image should ALWAYS have a size of 1024x1024 pixels, neither more nor less than that

    Each of the images has a name, but it always goes in pairs, I mean, there will be 2 files that have almost the same name, with the exception that 1 will have the word blurred added, this file along with its pair of almost the same name, they should have the same image

    Desktop 10-05-2021 5-38-07 p. m.-284.jpg

    Desktop 10-05-2021 5-38-10 p. m.-40.jpg

    • 3 step Export
      After editing to your liking, we press the Ctrl + Shift + S keys and we will export as DDS and use the recommended or default compression method
      Desktop 10-05-2021 5-38-34 p. m.-769.jpg Desktop 10-05-2021 5-38-46 p. m.-51.jpg
      Now, pointing to the 6 DDS files that we have just exported, we will open them with the program called IWIxDDS, and we wait for a warning that says No errorsDesktop 10-05-2021 5-41-06 p. m.-432.jpg Desktop 10-05-2021 5-41-10 p. m.-354.jpg
      Now, one by one, we will open the DDS files with the program called dds2iwi and after opening them we will all have our 6 iwi files ready
      Desktop 10-05-2021 5-41-50 p. m.-260.jpg

    • 4 step add to game
      Enter the file explorer and look for the following
      %localappdata%\plutonium\storage\t4\raw\images address and inside they put the iwi files

    And READY guys, it would only be left to open our WaW and see how our menu was and enjoy it to the fullest, I hope this long tutorial will serve you a lot xD


    Enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Postscript: this tutorial can also be used to modify Black Ops 1, I did it and if it works
    20210509_132627.png 20210509_132611.png
    Also, if you could tell me the name and location of the audio file from the WaW menu, I would appreciate it.

  • Nice tutorial, but I had to remove step 4 as under no circumstances you should modify the stock game files. Please redo step 4 but instead of raping the base game's files create a new iwd file.

  • @Xerxes ok ,i will Fix 4 step and updated tutorial

  • @Xerxes One question, do you think it is possible to create an Images folder where to put the iwi files? as it happens in T6 and even in Iw4x

    because it could also be a solution, I'll see if it can be done

  • Possible? Yes, but it sucks for any mod using more than one file so custom iwd files is the way.

  • @Xerxes said in How to Make a Custom Background:

    Possible? Yes, but it sucks for any mod using more than one file so custom iwd files is the way.

    ok, then I will do the steps to create the iwd file and update

  • Well, apparently I was wrong and %localappdata%\plutonium\storage\t4\raw\images works

  • @Xerxes said in How to Make a Custom Background:

    Well, apparently I was wrong and

    Don't worry, I already tried it too and it works, update the tutorial and now I don't think there should be a problem

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