toxic players

  • i would like to introduce a kind gentlemans who cant keep their mouth shut, "[FOX]HeyHyte". First of all he accused me of cheating then when his microbrain realised im not cheating (im just good:D) the next thing was to spam that im camping all the time. Im not mad at this kid just trying to make this community better. Peace x

  • I never write something about you, do you have a proof of it?

  • @legenda
    First - You camped all the time in a server with the ONLY rule to NOT TO CAMP lel
    Second - I never told you are a cheater lel
    Third - I'm a kid for you but you just stated i have "microbrain" with no reason, ok then lel
    Fourth - "ONEx HenKer" din't say anything in that match... what are you talking about??

  • can you please define whats camping then? i thought camping was when someone is crouching or laying down in a small place waiting for somebody to come. I never did that, i was holding a section of the map running around all the time in that area 2_1525518246009_map-callouts-bo2-plaza.jpg 1_1525518246009_map-callouts-bo2-hijacked.jpg 0_1525518246008_map-callouts-bo2-carrier1.jpg im not considering myself a camper i can record video proof of every game i play from now if you that satisfies you lmao

  • @legenda
    Dude, staying all the time in the same 3 spots waiting other to come IS camping..
    You need to try Battlefield where this mechanic is ok cause all of the weaponry you can use..
    But in CoD it's just camping..
    Also, calling yourself "pro" for doing this all the time is not really a good thing.. but ok you have surely lot of hours more than me in this game..

  • Project Moderator

    @legenda said in toxic players:

    i was holding a section of the map running around all the time in that area

    That's spot camping.

  • great, if im not running around the entire map throughout the whole game im a camper 👌👌👌

  • Project Admin

    Just saying - even I get given shit for camping if i stay in 1 spot for 3 seconds to reload.
    Unless its an admin of the server, ignore anybody complaining, toxic gonna be toxic - if its the server admin and you don't agree, use another server i guess.