[Release] Better Aiming Pack [1.3]

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  • 1.3 changelog:


    A Texture Pack that modifies the reticles of the sights and the scopes of the snipers to have a better aiming experience.



    • Absolutely all the scopes of all the snipers have been replaced by the one in the image.

    • The circle of vision of the scopes has been enlarged.

    • In some snipers the scope has a very narrow view, now all scopes of all snipers have the same size.

    • the thickness of the scopes sprite has been reduced for better vision.

    • The "realistic" scopes opacity fade has been removed.


    Captura de pantalla (59).png

    • Absolutely all the random reticles in all the sights that exist in Zombies have been replaced by a dot.

    • In Zombies when you upgrade a weapon in the PaP in the weapon a random reticle is applied.

    • This causes many of them to be very bad and you don't want that reticle, but with this change of the dot sight it won't happen again.

    Captura de pantalla (58).png
    Captura de pantalla (60).png


    download the .rar file at the top of this post, unzip it and paste the ".iwi" files in this path:


    If one of the folders does not exist, simply create it.

  • had some of these in here, but knew someone else would do it better. tnx

  • Call of Duty®_ Black Ops II - Multiplayer 2021-05-29 13-02-51.mp4_snapshot_15.12.858.png

    just reporting thats not working on SVU normal sniper sights & DSR Thermal Sight(Variable Zoom is OK)

  • @AdrX003 Thanks for reporting, I have fixed the Dual Band sight (Thermal sight) but the SVU one without attachments I have not edited, as I have not experienced any problem with the SVU, maybe I have misunderstood.

    Thank you.

  • @iAmKappy no problem, if i find some time this week i might try to do some sights too to check if anything happens

    are you using the photoshop plugin or paint.net and exporting as it should?

  • i use DDS DXT1 for simple textures or DXT5 when i want something more fancy (all the animated textures might need dxt5 to look good, im still trying to solve the issue of them getting too "crispy" like one of the posts ive seen here of Origins Camo Packs)

    cant remember where ive read this but i had liyng around from previous searches:
    "DXT5 (BC3)
    DXT5 is the go-to codec for most images that include an alpha channel."

  • @iAmKappy hey, I recently got this game because of the controller support and have been loving any and all customizations. the only thing I am missing is a purple or blue dot, just like you have in the pictures above. any advice? I see very few custom MP reticles.

  • @robotsz it's as simple as a hue change but I can't find the sight after changing it. I could just send you the iwis as is tho.

  • @Gewehr If you could make a purple/blue/green dot, It would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people I'm sure.

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