Plutonium IW5: Things that will get you banned.

  • Project Admin

    Hello Community,

    Even though the client hasn't been released yet, I wanted to make a quick post about what will get you banned in the future (when the client is released). Any of the following things will get you banned:

    • Using cheats in general (duh.)
    • External stats unlockers (use /unlockall to unlock your stats.)
    • External dvar unlockers (such as r_fullbright, filmtweaks etc.)
    • External FPS Unlockers, use the dvars from the in game console to unlock the fps.
    • Host tools
    • Replacing original DLL files (d3d9.dll, kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll, etc.)

    Any of those will result in a permanent ban. You can appeal your ban at our forums, but in order to get unbanned, you'll have to record yourself and we will tell you what you have to do in your video. No video? No unban. Saying your cat / dog / brother / sister / mom / dad / guinea pig cheated on your account does not work. You should not share your account with anyone anyways.

    If you get banned by a staff member of Plutonium, you have to talk with the staff member / forum administrator in order to get an unban. That does not mean you will be unbanned though.