a suggestion and a question

  • Good morning / night pluto people,
    I want to recommend a weapon for mw3, and it's the m40 of mw4 (it's just a request because I'm very fanatic of this weapon and they left me with the doubt in part of the sniper where I said: coming soon)
    2 ° A question only the graphics of techno and pluto, I have the same graphic configuration of both games but I realized that tecnoiw5 has a kind of "fog" and pluto no, can I activate this fog in some way? what happens is that playing pluto without that fog makes me weird and for some reason I am tired of seeing, it's just for comfort)
    attentively Leyften

  • Project Admin

    I can't promise the m40 - but its kinda known the coming sniper will be the intervention.

    As for the fog - this is due to how we coded from the start, I think we plan to rebuild our code and it may be fixed then and readd the fog but im unsure on that. @Prometheus Any info from you?