Verifying your IW5 Game Files

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    To check your game files are up to date and complete and ready to use with Pluto, you can preform a md5 check on your game folder. This can be used to verify that your game install is clean and up to date.

    Tools Required

    MD5 Checker


    1. Once you have downloaded the MD5 Checker move it's exe file 'Md5Checker.exe' to your game folder.
    2. Download ONE of the following MD5 files that matches your game language and place them in your game folder directory:
      IW5 - No DLC [EN]:


    1. Now drag and drop the 'IW5-XXX.md5' file onto the 'Md5Checker.exe'. This will open the file and begin the checking process.
    2. Wait until the checking process completes then see results section below.


    The three main columns you need to study are: 'N/A', 'Passed' and 'Failed'

    • The 'N/A' column will display any files your install is missing, if any files are listed here this would indicate that your files are incomplete and not clean.
    • The 'Failed' column will list files that are present in your install but failed the md5 check meaning they are outdated/corrupt. Any files listed here strongly indicate your install is not clean and likely outdated.
    • The 'Passed' column will display all files that successfully passed, If all files pass your install is clean and ready to use on Plutonium IW5.

    Below is an example of what a clean install results would be like (No DLC install):