A Real Introduction

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    Even though I have been here a full month and very active in the discord and on forums, I have not properly introduced myself.

    I usually go by BetterDragon2, but Drgn stuck with me after forgetting my main accounts password. Normally I would be playing rhythm games, specifically osu! or Stepmania, but grew tired of those after hundreds of hours of playing. Maybe even a full thousand! After finding out about T6 being released (which was also my birthday) I was super hyped and decided to stick with the community, patiently waiting for those sweet custom maps and custom weapons. Its been a great first month of experience and hope to continue my support to you guys!

    If you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask questions down below!

  • What country do you live in and what do you work as / school you follow?

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    @dz-th1ng I live in the USA. Alabama more specifically in the US. I currently don't have a job and in highschool. Looking to go to Georiga Tech for software engineering or something related to software.

  • Cool! Thanks for sharing! and forgot to congratulate you on the new role :)

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    @dz-th1ng Thank you so much!