XUI not working?

  • I've been having this problem for sometime now searching the forum for someone with a problem similar to mine but no dice.

    When loading up multiplayer or zombies it loads but not to the plutonium main menu but instead the black ops 2 main menu with a weird folder view overlay. I can't seem to get to the plutonium main menu preventing me from viewing the server browser to join a server, I can join a server but i need to know the ip and do it through console which is a pain. I made a duplicate of my game files and ran it on another computer and it loaded up with the plutonium menu no problem, so I don't know whats going on...

    Here's a picture so i don't look crazy lol

    I highlighted "$i18n{header}" because normally you can't see it otherwise.

    I've tried multiple things to try and open the plutonium menu ill list them here:

    • hitting esc (a lot)
    • typing xui in console before loading game and after loaded.
    • hitting f1 through f12
    • smashing head keyboard (only got headache)

    I also discovered i can open files like videos, pictures and ect view them from this folder ui only problem when doing so you can't get off of the video or picture.

    here is an example of me doing that:

  • Project Moderator

    @xzknightzx Delete t6r/data/ui folder. I dont see the problem with being able to open video files.

  • @Drgn Thanks for replying, i deleted the ui folder as you instructed but still seems to have done nothing.

    I just tried something that seems to have worked, i went to the t6r\data\ui through the folder ui and opened index.html. It brought me to the plutonium menu with everything working great but when i exited the game reloading it just loaded the same folder ui not plutonium menu

    I just checked my firewall and antivirus they both are trusting and allowing PU.exe

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    @xzknightzx Try deleting the entire t6r folder. Someones had this problem before. Cant remember how they fixed it. Also did you add an exception to your firewall and antiviruses?