• Often times if you dont load into a game on T6 fast enough, you will encounter exe_server_timed_out or exe_server_disconnect.

    This happens because your hdd is slow, or your pc cant load the game fast enough before the server decides to kick you for being too slow.

    The solution ? Its simple :

    Open your console with the tilde ( ~ ) key.
    Type in:

    cl_connectionattempts 50

    **NOTE The host and whoever is connecting needs to do this!

    Hit enter and load the map, as soon as you start loading your friend can start to join using :

    connect [ip address] *obviously replace [ip address] with the ip of your server.

    And that should fix most time outs and disconnects.
    Obviously sometimes you will get exe_server_disconnect because the server disconnected (game ended - especially in zombies custom games and such) and theres nothing you can do but reconnect.

    Keep in mind that if this does not fix the timeouts and disconnects there may be a misconfiguration on your server or your port forwarding isn't setup right , or your internet is bad. If you are sure its none of the above, check your windows firewall and just recheck your configs / port forwarding according to the server setup guide.


    A quick note about connecting - If you are hosting it on the same pc as the one you will be playing the actual game on, you need to connect with or as the ip, BUT your friends who want to join you need to use your external ip (google "Whats my ip" to find your external ip ).

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