Please fix your patch geometry

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    tl;dr: Please fix/patch your level geometry in Rust/MW2 maps. Exploits like these could be very annoying if the client was popular(since it's not popular yet it's a good time to fix these kinds of bugs). These are simple fixes and can be implemented in a patch_mp_rust.ff file or updated in the map bsp itself.
    (Also, yes that is my video and me talking in an accent. I made the video in the style of an old youtuber as sort of a nod to/make fun of him)

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    You failed to find the correct section, check that you are not posting something that is already posted/known and if there is an announcement about it.

    But thanks for reporting it.

    Prometheus - Today at 15:05 PM
    Massive improvements have been made to the linker. Expect an update for both nightshift and rust soon, that will address most of the current bugs.
    Things that have been fixed:
    * Model collision now work (grenades dont go through models anymore)
    * Collision bug on Rust has been fixed
    * Destructible cars in Skidrow have been fixed
    * Level of Detail issue resolved for some models on Skidrow
    Update will probably released tonight or tomorrow. More information will follow up soon.

  • @xerxes Well I wasn't even aware this section exists because the layout of the forum is kinda clustery. Also I am banned from the Discord chat for god-knows-what so I can't view the announcements there.

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    Or you're just blind - we have like 20 areas and all in pretty decent order... Takes like 20 seconds to read each section. Also you're banned on discord for your little outburst a year ago - complaining over and over because we wouldn't give you something if I recall correctly. Regardless in your own words, it's not a big deal because you could just port the weapons from MW3 to MW2...


    Thanks for reporting these bugs in a decent fashion though, not everything ports 100% correctly so when we find these we find the cause and improve the next port and report the map. Also we agreed to unban all users with the release on T6 so DM me on this forum if you'd like a discord unban, just ensure you read the rules for it. You can find a link in our important info and rules section.

  • @mr-capslock Actually I'm not blind thanks a lot, I just think a small circle under more circles isn't the best design for people. And I never had an outburst on any Discord Server. If I remember correctly, I was banned for stating that Pluto would be shut down once Matchmaking is a thing. I never ask other people for things, especially scripting. I make my own stuff and always will. If anything I was probably banned for trolling the devs about the crappy LUA and the level of modding to the game(which in my opinion is way too much for this game, you're all basically turning MW3 into MW2 again) but that's off topic. Anyways, this post was just a heads up for the devs. Also I don't really care to be unbanned, as I have no real business in the discord server. Until Pluto has support for InfinityScript, I won't be creating any content for it. (Side note, I'll be using my own InfinityScript 1.5 when that time comes so if you're considering using a different library for IS then that's only hindering the userbase when AIZombies releases for Pluto).

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    @slvr99 OK.