DirectX server problem

  • So, some time ago I bought a vps server just to test a few things out. I wanted to run a plutonium server on it as well. However, currently I get the d3dx9_43.dll missing error. This means that the directX is missing yeah? I know how to install directX for normal windows, but this is running on a 2012 server edition of windows. According to Microsoft there is some directX support for server editions, but no drivers or anything to download. Anyway to get past this? It's really not like the directX would be used for anything, if the server exe itself doesn't even need to load textures to play... and no I can't host a server from my home and don't fancy paying all my earnings on a server that costs $50+ 0_1526489288106_Screenshot_233.png

  • This is now solved.