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  • Hello everyone!

    Our latest update was last Saturday(r1953). Here is the latest change log update from the past few weeks. Sorry for the delay.

    Edit: Wrong T6 info included


    • Fix bots switchToWeapon() GSC not working

    • Fix Quick Revive not working as intended while playing solo


    • General GSC improvements

    • Shipping updated _class.gsc with fixes to prevent exploits with custom classes

    • Fix for GSC unloading on soft restarts (e.g. new round)

    • Fix wrong mapname / gametype bug on loadscreen

    • Fix IW5 crashing on first ever boot (When steam_api.dll is in game folder)

    • Fix S&D freezing


    * Fix demos crash and custom script assets

    * Fix client crash when gsc files had uppercase letters in their file name

    * Fix overwriting specific game scripts on T6ZM


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