Error after giving admin permissions

  • So everytime I go and try to lauch the multiplayer or zombie mode, it takes a while and I get the following error:
    "Unfortunately, PU ran into an unhandled exception and needs to be closed. The bug report has been submited to our staff.
    Error information for your own reference:
    System.Net.WebException: Can't connect with the remote server "
    *This is translated by me so it may not be precise.
    It is also taking a long while to load this forum, but every other website loads just fine.
    Any clue of what is going on?
    BTW I was playing only a few hours ago. Tried restarting the comupter and still get the same error.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Project Moderator

    @qxlzr Pluto had outage recently, please try again. Should be up now.