Infinite self revives in solo

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  • So in buired and die rise you can get a free perk bottle power up
    the thing is that power up can give you quick revive even when you run out of them, no just that but it gets treated like a normal perk! so if you for example travel back in time using the time bomb in buired you will get back the perk!
    which in theory (didn't test these) mean if you did the super EE and got all perks for the rest of the game after you ran out of quick revives you can go down forever!
    Also (in theory cuz didn't test it) that means you might be able to get quick revive out of the wunderfizz machine in origins!
    Another problem related is when you start a solo match the CO OP loading screen will be played rather than solo's cutscenes!

  • passing 4 perks is part of the game and time traveling back to double the drop in burried is also in steam version (via witches every 5rounds)
    the crawlers is also part of game giving you perk if you dont miss shots (via knifing/galva)
    this isnt limited to solo either as its how the works
    if you want to see the cut scenes buy the game

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