Email Not Verified (Troubleshooting Guide)

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    For us to help you, you need to first help yourself. Read this post in its entirety and you'll have a verified account in no time!

    If you created an account with the wrong email you need to delete the account and create the account again. Currently changing your email won't resend the verification email to the new email address, leaving you unable to verify your account. If this doesn't apply to you continue below.

    Do not use a Hotmail, Outlook, Live, MSN or GMX email address! These servers reject all emails from our server. Please delete the plutonium account and create a new one with gmail if you have used one of the listed mail providers.


    If you have not received your verification email yet and it's been over 30 minutes please do the following:

    • Ensure the email matches the one you assigned to your forum account (If unsure, see the last point to change it).

    • Check your spam/junk sections in your mail provider inbox (Some mail providers wrongly flag Plutonium's emails). If you find the mail please mark it as not spam.

    • When visiting the forum. Pay attention to the bottom right hand corner, a notification may prompt you to resend your verification email, try this and wait a short period before checking your inbox (This solves the problem for most).

    *The last final option is to delete your account and create a fresh account, it's recommended to use gmail and the email will likely go to the spam folder as shown below.

    Mail Providers


    Currently Gmail wrongly flags plutonium emails as spam, see attached photo on how to access your spam folder and un-flag it:
    0_1527432164544_unknown (1).png
    Right Click:
    0_1527433135238_unknown (2).png

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