If I also own the game on Steam, can I get a game ban for this?

  • I bought Black Ops 2 on steam (just the base game), and I play that for multiplayer. I installed a different copy of the game (with all DLC) to use with Plutonium, on a different part of my computer. Whenever I play, I go in offline mode for steam, just in case it finds anything. Is this necessary?

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    @20tucker94 If you stay in offline mode for steam there's no way they will be able to find you. But if you play online without having the correct authenticity ticket for the DLC it might trigger it. <- Someone confirm please
    And if u have another copy installed for pluto outside of the default steam directory, i dont think steam will recognize any of the files if you just launch the game through PU.exe.

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    @20tucker94 said in If I also own the game on Steam, can I get a game ban for this?:

    Is this necessary?

    No it's not, if it's a another install, not your steam one you'll be fine. Steam/vac system aren't aware of anything that isn't interacting with it, so to put it simply they can't scan your pc looking for cracks of games or even dlc you downloaded but haven't purchased.