Re-implement missing log events.

  • Project Moderator

    Re-add missing entries to the game log.
    Re-implement missing log events.
    This feature should be added to the client, so b3 and probably other log parsing tools can unfold their full potential.

    Important missing entries are:

    # ExitLevel:          ExitLevel: executed
    # Shutdown Engine:    ShutdownGame:
    # JoinTeam:           JT;283895439;17;axis;PlayerName;
    # Weapon/ammo pickup: Weapon;160913;8;PlayerName;m1garand_mp

    ^Are missing and the information can be retrieved from other log events, but it still would speed up things.

    Unimportant missing entries are*:

    # Winners:            W;axis;160913;PlayerName1;258015;PlayerName2
    # Losers:             L;allies;160913;PlayerName1;763816;PlayerName2

    *They never got implemented in any CoD parser nor in the abstract q3 parser for B3.


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