AntiCheat 15th Month Statistics

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  • Here is the summary for the last 15 months of Plutonium’s Anticheat.

    We currently have 1,132,060 (last thread in June was 1,020,940) registered forum accounts and 122,402 (last thread 118,937) discord members

    Our AntiCheat has banned 34,381 (Last thread was 31,450) accounts for cheating in Pluto T4, IW5, and T6

    8,344 (Last thread was 7,653) of those accounts were unique hackers with 26,037 (Last thread was 23,797) additional accounts created and instantly banned for attempting to bypass / evade their original ban.

    On average - 18 unique hackers are banned a day by the AntiCheat

    Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 20-23-04 Anti-cheat Statistics - Elastic.png

    Edit: Messed up months

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