[IW5] Official Pluto Servers

  • Feature: Have a 3/4 OFFICIAL Pluto Servers

    There should be a couple official servers for TDM, S&D and FFA. These servers should be near stock and have a slight MP7 nerf applied. There are so many servers on Pluto but they are a hit and miss experience. I would like these servers to be considered a standard or "baseline" to the Pluto experience.

    I feel a lot of new members hop on the client and are put off by the experience they have on certain servers. This is mainly due to people joining servers with people in, Having the Pluto official servers offers a baseline for everyone.

    I hope this is considered thanks :)

  • Project Developer

    This is basically what the AWOG servers are, except for the MP7 nerf.

    @Xerxes take a look at this.

  • Project Moderator

    Sadly thats not possible yet (trust me I tried and crashed uncountable times), but it should be with the next update.