muted in discord for asking for help

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  • i was trying for a while to get help because ive been perma banned and i shouldnt be and i got muted in the discord for asking for help because he said theres no ban appeals but he said he got accidentally banned so why do i not get any help at all? for a second i was making progress with some ppl on the discord but i got muted so i just cant play the game ever again and this is the most unfair thing ive ever experienced in my life i tried and tried to cooperate with ppl but it seems like nobody cares unless its them getting banned on accident.

  • you probably did something and got banned for it. just because you dont tell us that doesnt mean it didnt happen

  • You got muted because you were continueing the subject even after H3X1C told you to stop, probably should have saw it coming tbf, its only a 14 day mute anyways so you can probably use that time to figure out what happened.

  • @IceTahir thx for telling me abt the timed mute, do you have any suggestions for what i can do abt the ban?

  • @droopertrooper5 nothing. I think we've had more than enough patience with you, according to our policy unban appeals will be deleted however we didn't delete your previous topic and instead tried to explain to you why you can't be banned for modifying certain files.

    the data that we have tells us you did indeed try to cheat/modify process memory and no this is not possible by dropping random files into random game related folders.

    Stop spamming the forum.


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