An Element is Being Added to a UIText element. Zombie Mode BO2

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  • Hi, I downloaded Plutonium T6 a couple of days ago, and have been playing continuously. But, sometimes, and randomly I have problems with Zombies mode and Multiplayer. In the middle of the game the game window closes, and won't let me do anything with my computer for a few seconds. Then the desktop icons disappear, quickly reappear and there I can select the game from the toolbar and continue playing.
    In the CMD console that opens when starting the game you can read: "An Element is Being Added to a UIText element". If it comes up again I will bring more information about it.
    I don't know if it's a Launcher thing or my computer (i5 4300u laptop, 8 GB RAM DDR3, 500 GB HDD, latest version of Windows 10). I hope you can help me

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