• I decided to buy MW3 and install Plutonium because I wanted to try to get good at this game, since i've been
    playing lots of Phantom Forces (roblox fps) and need a fresh game to get good at. I have been playing CoD since BO2 when the last DLC was out in 2013. I then had an Xbox 360. Then in about late 2017, I built a new PC. Then recently, I bought myself an Xbox One S. I have not played that much CoD on PC though, primarily a console player. (Hopefully i'll get used to the wondrous world of PC!)

    I go by Sativial, or if it's too hard to type, call me Sat.

    I myself am a musician at heart. I play the Upright Bass and Bass Guitar, and know lots about music. I like to relate things with music, and talk about technology too. I am looking to be a bass player in a symphony, primarily symphonies like the Nashville Symphony, etc.

    Anything else that wants to be known about me, feel free to ask.

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    @sativial Just a heads up, you didn't need to buy the game to play on the Plutonium client.
    I've played a few instruments myself! None of them being a string instrument though. I've played saxophone, trumpet and a bit of snare. One of my friends was teaching me bass but I didn't have anytime to pick it back up again.
    Welcome to Pluto!