How to get a clean IW5 install.

  • Project Admin

    To have support from Plutonium staff you MUST have a clean MW3 folder from Steam. You do not need MW3 bought on steam to get these files.

    To get the files do the following:

    1. Download Steam, create an account / login.
    2. Once logged in go to Library and then press Games and change it to "Tools".
      alt text
    3. In the list find "Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Dedicated Server" and right click on it and select Install Game.
    4. Choose where to install the files and let Steam download them.
    5. Once installed open the server by running through Steam and then close the server.

    You now have all the files needed - you can now copy the Plutonium Updater (PU.exe) to the server folder and run it to download the Plutonium client files.