[Feature][T6 MP/ZM] Zonetool/Mod Downloading

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  • Howdy beautiful people of Plutonium,

    I am requesting the creation of a zonetool for T6 that has compatibility with T5 like the one created for Plutonium IW5 and other IW4/5 clients. With this feature, I would also be requesting mod downloading for T6 similar to T4/IW5 to allow for clients to play on servers with modifications created with the zonetool.

    For the community, this will allow players to play with custom weapons, custom models, anims, etc. And for modders, give us more tools to work with and create the visions that appear in our dreams (or maybe that's just me I don't know).

    And with compatibility with T5, custom maps will be possible for T6 which seem to have a lot of interest in the community.

    As with these mods, menu ui will need to be changed to allow for ported maps. As I'm specifically a zombies modder, that spinning Earth selection gotta go.

    I am offering $1000 for the completion of this bounty.

  • After taking the proper time to evaluate this bounty further, I have added a better description and have upped the reward. Thanks for considering!

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