[Release] [Zombies] Rooftop/Bridge - Custom survival maps

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  • Heres 2 more simple survival maps. more can be found from my github page.

    PLUTONIUM: Rooftop/Bridge - Custom Survival Maps - Mob of The Dead

    These maps use Mob of The Dead

    Source: https://github.com/whydoesanyonecare/Plutonium-versions-of-custom-maps/blob/main/Mob of the dead Rooftop + bridge

    Compiled File: https://github.com/whydoesanyonecare/Plutonium-versions-of-custom-maps/blob/main/compiled/motd_rooftop_bridge_compiled.gsc

    installion Guide for Compiled file: https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/6966/how-to-use-a-mod-menu-without-injecting-loading-gsc-scripts-client-sided

    Custom perk icons was fixed and now work on all resolutions.

    UPDATE: mystery box shared weapon hint fixed.

    Added Map Rotation which changes location every time map start. This is enabled by default. type in console set map_rotation 0 to disable map rotation.

    If map rotation is disabled the map location can be changed by typing in console set map_location 1 or set map_location 0 (0 = Bridge which is default) and (1 = Rooftop).

    Brutus challenge can be enabled in console with set brutus_mode 1 which is by default 0. This will spawn +1 brutus every round.

    Added command for pack a punch weapons in box set pap_box 1 type this in console to enable it. By default this is 0 and pap_box custom powerup will be added in round 15 if custom powerups are enabled.

    Added ability to remove Custom Perk Machine with set custom_perks 0 in console which is by default 1.

    Also added ability to disable custom powerups set custom_powerups 0 in console which is by default 1.

    Bridge Challenges: (can be started from chairs)

    - shield
    - acid gat
    - tomahawk 
    - custom perk machine  

    Custom powerups:

    - Death Machine
    - Pack a Punch Weapons in box
    - Unlimited ammo
    - Zombie Cash

    5 Custom Perks:

    - Ethereal Razor
    - PhD Flopper
    - Mule kick
    - Ammo regen
    - Dying wish

    Blundergat will be added to mystery box round 15.

    Added ability to share weapons with team from mysterybox.


  • How exactly do i install this? I dont know much about coding so im just confused how to play this. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Swiffty Hey i added compiled file link for easy install. click the link it goes to github page, there you have to click download. after downloaded copy the file to folder %localappdata%/plutonium/storage/t6/scripts/zm
    if you cant find these folders it means you dont have them and you need to create the folders.

    Normally you copy the code into any text editor and save the files as name.gsc after that you download gsc toolkit from installion guide link. Extract the toolkit zip and find compiler.exe when you found it drag and drop your file on it and wait till its done.

    When done you can copy the file to %localappdata%/plutonium/storage/t6/scripts/zm

  • thank you!! that helpped alot!

  • UPDATE: custom perk icons now work on all resolutions

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