Tips/tutorial for changing and upscaling T6 Black ops 2 textures

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  • I am trying to scale up and modify Black Ops 2 textures, to improve the visuals and I wanted to share my experience with you:

    1. Getting .dds files
      I am using Tom Crowley Bo 2 iPak Exporter to export .dds files from .ipak ingame files located in "YOUR_BO2_PLUTO_DIRECTORY/zone/all".
      Examples: base.ipak includes many vanilla textures and dlc0.ipak includes nuketown files.

    2. Converting .dds to .png / .tiff / .bmp
      I am using this simple converter to convert .dds files to .png, since .bmp messed up the alpha channels sometimes.
      It can convert many .dds files to another format in seconds.

    3. Settings for upscaling textures with Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI
      Since you have converted .dds image files to usable .png / .tiff / .bmp you can modify the textures now.
      Import your image files in Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI now.
      It's important to deactivate Add scaling mode to filename under File/Preferences Safe options to ensure that the upscaled images won't have a different name.
      Images should have the same aspect ratio and shouldn't be bigger than 4096x4096.
      I am using the standard AI model and activated the auto function for Suppress Noise and Remove blur.
      I have deactivated Reduce Color Bleed, since it changed the base colors of textures quite too much in my testings.

    4. Using Adobe Photoshop to upscale many textures
      You can also use Photoshop with Actions and Batch automation to scale up and modify many textures in a short period of time.

    5. Converting to the exact same .dds format
      I'm using Adobe Photoshop with NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter plugin to convert images back to .dds. Make sure to select the right format. I'm using the Windows Texture Viewer to find out the original .dds format from the exported .ipak files.

    6. .dds files back to .ipak and into the game
      Now you have to convert your modified .dds images to .ipak with IWI DDS Fast Converter.
      Place the files under "YOUR_BO2_PLUTO_DIRECTORY\t6r\data\images" and you're ready to go.

    You are welcome to add your experiences and tips down below:)

  • @leonniclass said in Tips/tutorial for changing and upscaling T6 Black ops 2 textures:

    .dds files back to .ipak

    iwi_dds doesn't make iPak's, it makes iwi's.

  • @shyperson0 Oh right, I will correct it as soon as possible^^

    Edit: I can't edit it anymore, but thx for the advice

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