r600 - r619 - The aiming update!

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  • Hello everyone - another update has dropped and should update automatically if you open plutonium.exe (server owners will need to update via their usual update methods). This updates includes:

    Aim Down Sight Sensitivity - We've reworked how cg_fov and cg_fovScale behave. Steam MW3 works by slowing down your sensitivity when aiming down sights, pretty standard for 2012 but in 2020 it's hard to adjust back too when playing modern games. Plutonium IW5 now bases this on your FOVScale.


    cg_fov 90 and cg_fovScale 1 = 90 FOV total.  This will result in only your hipfire FOV changing. Sensitivity is different when zooming in because of lower FOV.
    cg_fov 40 and cg_fovScale 2.25 = 90 FOV total. Your Aim Down Sights FOV (allowing you more situational awareness at the cost of less detail down sight) looks the same as hipfire FOV. Sensitivity is now the same when hipfiring and when Aiming Down Sights because the FOV is the same.
    cg_fov 70 and cg_fovScale 1.3 = 90 FOV total. Aiming Down Sights is slightly zoomed in compared to hipfire. Sensitivity is faster than in regular MW3 because of your total FOV.

    To workout the FOV when using FOVScale, you need to take your cg_fov and multiply it by your FOVScale. For example if you'd like a standard FOV of 80 (like I use) it would be cg_fov 65 and cg_fovScale 1.32

    We're tested this system with our testers and a few known trickshotters and streamers and they all agree it feels better, hence we are pushing this in this update. If you don't want to use this system, simply keep your cg_fovScale at 1. You may find you need to experiment with values to find some that you find comfortable.

    Mouse input reworked - That annoying mouse acceleration feeling some players report should be sorted now. This was caused by how the base game handles mouse inputs, again, the effects of an aging game.

    Forum Avatar Card Icons Fix - Players were reporting seeing their own forum avatar instead of other people's, this has been corrected.

    Server Plugin Improvements - These now show a windows error code if they fail to load and VirtualProtect must now be called if you wish to edit the memory of the dedicated server.

    Dedicated Servers - More fixes to aid in stability of dedicated servers and avoid them crashing.

    Bounces - Bounces are now off by default to avoid out of map abuse caused by unaware server owners.

    Menu Blur - A blur has been added to the menu background when opening certain menus, such as Create a Class. This should make it easier to see what options you have selected. Players reported that they struggled to see certain options.

    Backend Improvements - Improvements made to our backend to improve reliability of the serverlist and other backend elements.

    We're opening our server-owners channel on discord to server owners, please respond to this thread if interested. https://forum.plutonium.pw/topic/1472/sign-ups-for-server-owners-channel-discord

    Credits to @tom for giving insights into the sensitivity system.

  • If we're using a controller, how do we change sensitivity when aiming, because its so slow when aiming compared to the sensitivity

  • Pretty neat.

  • nice update! - but i still got mouse jumping with a polling rate above 125 hz, are you going to do anything about this issue? It is also vanilla mw3-related, i think

  • @schwenn We've already made many patches to try and address it. @RektInator If you fancy taking another look maybe schwenn can test for ya.

  • @Mr-Android This sounds very good - thanks for your answer, I would be glad to help and assist!

  • @Mr-Android Everytime i click server browser it does nothing.

  • @EwokFN Make a support thread, ensure your firewall allows Plutonium through.

  • Not that it's super important but might be worth adding fov, fovscale and maxfps into the main menus. For people who aren't familiar with console commands or don't bother reading up on them.

    Probably into "Options > Video" as that's where they are usually found in modern games.

    Also would a Raw Input option be possible, probably put it into "Options > Controls > Raw Input" WPS and any windows acceleration curve could affect mouse input in-game

    Also Instead of a slider for sensitivity in menus might be worth replacing with an enter-able numeric value.

    Another suggestion is an alternative option/2nd option to calculating sensitivity. in it's current state for example you set a sensitivity of 1 on a 90 FOV (max total of fov x fovscale) but decide to increase fov or fovscale say it goes upto 95 now the cm/360 isn't the same as the 90 FOV as it automatically scales with FOV. As a prime example on the alternative system look at how it works with bo2.

  • @Imposter it's on the board already. When the time comes they'll get added.

  • @H3X1C said in r600 - r619 - The aiming update!:

    @Imposter it's on the board already. When the time comes they'll get added.

    Awesome, thank you and to the team. you guys are doing some great work.

    Edit: Is there any forum section more helpful to leave suggestions in? Might be worth making a new section just for suggestions.

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