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  • Been playing Pluto for awhile now. Stopped playing for a bit and when I came back a few days ago there has been a lot added with some updates. I usually use fov 65 and scaling 1.33.

    Before it was good because there was no change in sensitivity from hipfire to ads. Now there is a sensitivity change (does not happen on console or Steam)

    when I get my hipfire sensitivity good whenever I ads the sensitivity lowers. I already play low sens(k&m) but now if I ads it is such a huge drop. I usually play on 2 sens which is good for me but as soon as I ads it drops down to 1 which is unplayable for me. Especially using a sniper on 1 sens breaking my arm to get flicks.

    As I said this was never a thing on Plutonium before and it is not a thing on Steam, Xbox, of Playstation.

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