Other people to work on bots

  • Hi i would like to know if the developers would be willing to release the tools and/or source code that can be used to develop bots to other people. As far as i know, project plutonium can be the last hope for ever having bots in MW3 and it is a bit stupid to abandon the bot project altogether because people aren't willing to put in the effort to work on it. If project plutonium has the mod capabilities and tools, then the project should at least be released to someone who would be willing to attempt to create/further develop it. Heck, i could also take a crack at it because i also have some coding background and will be willing to study any additional coding languages to progress. Just say if i could take a crack at it. I could at least try and give my feedback instead of nothing being done.

    Like i said, if the developers of project plutonium does not want to put in the effort, hand the code out to people who would be willing to take a crack at it. It's not like it would destroy the game. Just give other people the chance.

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    If there are people like you say capable of helping with the creation of bots then they can simply ask to join the Plutonium team to help. There is just more important things for the core devs to be working on than bots atm, but by all means put us in contact with a dev who can do it.

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    Well first of all the bot feature is not "abandoned", it's just not a priority right now as there are other very important things to take care of first.
    Now.. i'm sure you know that plutoiw5 supports lua mods so.. feel free to write a bot mod in lua.
    GSC will also be supported soon and maybe even infinity script at some point.

  • Yes, PLEASE, someone makes this dream of many people come true including me. Many will thank you so much for your effort.

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    Its not as easy as you think it is. In order to let the bots move, we either need to record people move across the map or program an AI using some neural network library to do pathfinding itself. Recording paths takes a long time, and so does the AI solution. That would mean bots wont be able to walk on newly ported maps too.

    Second issue is that its not easy to position the bot, you need to manually write ucmd's to do this. You need to set the walk speed of the bot and then move the view angle, so it walks into a specific direction.

    Third issue is, how would you decide when the bot is about to fire? We can use game functions to shoot a "test bullet" (that does not actually hit anyone) to see if there is collision in between the player and the AI. Problem with that is that the output is not 100% accurate, and you need to write logic to decide when the AI fires or not. If the AI always fires at players it sees, its kind of like an aimbot. If the AI never or barely fires the gun at all, its useless.

    Fourth issue is that when the bot decides to kill someone, the movement of the view angles needs to look legit. This all at the cost of client performance.

    If you can find solutions to the following issues, I might export some functions in the plutonium.dll, and a .DLL loader for C++ DLLs, and then you can give it a try yourself.

    And finally, bots personally don't motivate me at all. I'd prefer to focus on the harder stuff such as map exporting and importing. The main reason I work on this project is because it is my hobby to program new things, hobbies are supposed to be fun, writing bot logic is not fun.


  • I understand its not a priority but i too think it would be cool to have bots. But what you described sounds like it would be hard as f.

  • Unfortunately, I have no programming knowledge at all. Well, I only can tell you, that two guys named INeedBots and MacPorterJoe were motivated enough to work on bots for MW2 and MW2 is the same case as MW3, it doesn´t support mods out of the box and bots. I´m sure those guys just wait for a good MW3 client. They have made a very good job on MW2, so why not on MW3 as well?

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    MW2 mods are made using GSC, Pluto IW5 supports/will support Lua modding. I'm not sure how different the two are but everything considered, it's possible for the community to make a bot mod, it may take a while to make it good though.