State of plutonium.

  • Returned a week or so ago, Wondering the state of MW3 ,BO2 and IW4X.
    Haven't been able to find games in bo2 or mw3 sadly, IW4X hasen't changed much, Is there anything new planned to come?

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    @ryley Currently they are working on the bug that crashes the servers on both games, this is preventing players from playing. IW4x development team is inactive iirc, don't expect anything from there anytime soon.
    Custom weapons and custom maps are planned for T6 at a later date, but we have customs for IW5 right now.
    All I know really.

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    Of the first things you might see out of T6 development will be gsc support.

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    Hi! Welcome back, hopefully you'll bare with us during a current problems.

    Custom weapons are close, one bug stopping us releasing the ak74u.
    Custom Maps - Skidrow and Rust have been released, both have mionor bugs but don't cause problems.
    Serverlist bug at the moment doesn't show all servers and some crash due to a bug with mod loading but this is being worked on, MW3 still has a low player count we're hoping we can improve this over summer.

    No real changes here, GSC Modding will soon be possible.

    Has no devs, unlikely to get updates - the idea has been thrown around for Pluto to take over but we're unsure on that as we have enough with MW3 and BO2. IW4x is populated though and playable.

    This thread may be useful:

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    Good things take time to come :D

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    @dr-evil when the update issa out and well be able to start modding