Current Plutonium features

  • Project Admin

    here is a relatively complete list of all features our client adds to the game. Relevant articles and entries will soon be added to our knowledge base, so you can use the new features to their fullest extent.

    • An extensively customizable UI system (multiplayer only right now, singleplayer support is planned); files are coded as Lua scripts. If you're interested, take a look at plutoiw5/ui_mp in your game folder

    • An external Lua-based modding library that allows interaction with the native script system of IW5 (GSC), maintained by @DecadeDelta and @Apacrathon. Docs and example scripts will be released soon.

    • In-game Quake-style console restored for both SP and MP. Use the tilde key (~) to open it. To see a list of all available commands, type help and hit Enter/Return.

    • A custom anticheat built specifically for our client to keep cheaters away

    • Full RCon support, just like in older Call of Duty games. This allows you to run B3 on your server; simply set the g_log dvar, configure B3 with that file name and your rcon_password.

    • IW5MVM by luckyy fully integrated into the client

    • A new ban/player info system written from scratch using SQLite databases. Permanent and temporary bans with ban reasons are now supported; you can also search the ban or player database. Issue the search command in your dedicated server console to find out more.

    • More technical: DTLS fully removed from the game - the networking system now works just like in Quake 3. This simplifies the system greatly and allows the dedicated server to run on just one port - the net_port. No other ports are needed.

    • Custom clan tags/titles are fully supported and shown in the game at all times

    • Dedicated servers restart automatically in case of a crash

    • Basic private match support. Please note that you cannot invite your friends yet, however, you can spawn bots and load Lua scripts.

    • Useful game-control dvars such as jump_height, g_speed etc have been added back to the game

    • The lagometer and the FPS counter have been added back to the game

    • Various game commands re-added: give, take, god, noclip, etc

    • Dedicated servers now support slow motion (MOABs, killcams). Interestingly, this doesn't work in stock, Steam IW5; InfinityWard released the game with a bug that prevents dedicated server slowmo from working properly

    • CoD4-style map rotation controlled by sv_mapRotation

    • You can now force-enable dual wield (akimbo) for all weapons by issuing the dualwield command

    • You can now use the killme command to kill yourself in both multiplayer and singleplayer

    • Dedicated servers now support sv_minPing and sv_maxPing

    • Dedicated servers award you with XP normally, not "fake" grey XP like on Steam

    • Various security improvements for dedicated servers to fix game-related exploits (forcing disallowed classes, changing teams in game types such as Infected) and serious RCEs that allow remote attackers to take over your server

    • For fun: dedicated servers and private match allow you to control the number of kills to get a nuke killstreak. Set the sv_nukeNumKills dvar to do this.