Banned from Plutonium

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  • I recently just got banned from Plutonium T6. Yes, I know I shouldn't of been cheating in the first place but trust me, I will never do it again. Me and my friend were messing about and he said that I was bad and that I will never be good at the game so I destroyed him in a 1v1 using a cheat. 1hr later I get kicked and it said 'Banned from Plutonium...' idk what the rest of it said. I will never cheat again, please just allow me back in if this goes through steam then im a barcode, this happened about 30 minutes ago, my name in Plutonium was 'space' and I was playing with 'freebsd' (who is not a cheater). Please unban me I will never cheat again. 😞

    From spxe/space

  • Well, first off your an idiot for using aimbot, and second, hi its me freebsd the guy who won against space (space_x)

  • @space_x why you even try to cheat? I mean whyyyy ?? ._. I don’t understand humans ..

  • We do not take unban appeals at this time.
    // Locked

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