Server Moderators irresponsably banning/kicking people

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  • Hello guys just going to drop this here I hope to hear some of your thoughts.
    Youtube Video

  • they can't do anything about it, only the server owner can

  • @PAJAM Just dont play on that server

  • @PAJAM I didn't watch most of the video, and I already have multiple reasons why you were kicked. First of all, like it or not, it is clear that you are pretty new to trickshotting. If you keep hitting shots like that, most admins will eventually kick you. I know that it isnt really fair, but the trickshotting community on this game is filled with people who have been doing it for a long time. Now, the BETTER reason for you getting kicked. Its simple, you are blatantly cheating to some degree. Playing cod for as long as I have, it is obvious that you are using a no recoil cheat at the very least. There are also a couple points in the video (and probably more if I watch the whole video) where it looks like you have some kind of stealth aimbot that you are too inexperienced to hide. Specifically at 30:40, you get a kill with the dsr that not only shows more proof of no recoil, but you get a headshot when shooting at the waist. We aren't dumb; it doesn't take long for us to tell someone is cheating.

  • @PAJAM 17:25 blatant aimbot/no recoil get off this game buddy
    46:16 slow to 25% you see you clearly shoot into the sky and your aimbot twitches

  • Locked for sufficient evidence countering your defense. Your attempt to "expose" absolutely nothing has backfired.

    Edit: Unlocked so more people can dish out more evidence even though its not needed anymore.

  • @PAJAM In your description...
    "But then FaZe Rain and FaZe Adapt came to kind of ruin the fun of this servers by exposing Warpzy"
    I mean its pretty obvious that YOU are happy about it because they told the cheat name for idiots like you to ruin it

  • @PAJAM, you're obviously hacking in your video so I have no idea what you expected from people here but backlash. If you really need to "hear some of our thoughts", I personally think that these moderators are doing us a massive favor by kicking/banning blatant hackers like you out from their servers.

    Normally I'd advise you to stop cheating altogether to a) avoid getting banned and b) to not ruin everyone else's experience. But the fact that you're bold enough to say "server moderators are banning people irresponsably" while showing us 48 minutes of visual proof that you're hacking shows that you simply don't have the mentality to retrospect and see what's wrong.

    Stay out from this client.

  • Final opinion: I'm not even going to discuss the video, it seems people can spot some cheating though. Regardless, to answer your actual topic - each server is ran by members of the community and it is their decision on who to ban and who not to ban. They could ban me and that is there decision.

    If you don't like a server or how it is run go to another server. Or make your own.

    Bad server owners eventually find that nobody plays on their servers.

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