Fov and ads Fov/sens

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  • I know this problem got kinda solved but it didn’t worked for me and just for clarification, normally i would do cg_fov 53 and cg_fovScale 2 so my ads fov and ads sens is the same as my normal fov but because of the reset after a respawn should i use cg_fov_default 53 and cg_fovScale 2 or should i use the "default" command after i used both of the first commands? Cause i used cg_fov_default 53 and it still resets after respawn 😞

  • @scar_ the main thing i want to solve is that i want the same fov and sens in and outside of the ads, normally the ads is more zoomed in and the sens is a bit slower and it feels weird, in mw3 plutonium everything works fine but in bo2 it resets

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