Ban Appeal for Plutonium IW5.

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  • Dear Staff Members of Plutonium IW5

    I was recently Banned from Plutonium by the Anti-cheat Service, I wanted to go into a Private Lobby and mess about with a Mod Menu with no intention to gain anything from it. As soon as I entered the game I tried to inject the Menu and got Banned Immediately. I never applied any of the Menus Features in that game and just got booted out right away. I did not use it in any Public Games or against other players. I understand that it was a very stupid thing to attempt to hack on Plutonium and I am truly sorry for it. I hope you can analyze this appeal and allow me to play Plutonium again. Playing this game means a lot to me. I am genuinely sorry.

    Username: DanM2

  • Bro you should of named your cheats not_pluto_cheats.exe you would of gotten undetected playing private matches bro. smh my head... ๐Ÿ™„

  • If what you said is true, then in the future you should use the -lan paramater as this turns off the anticheat. However you can only play LAN games.

    You will be unbanned on the 13th of May 2020. If the anticheat triggers for your account in the future, you will not be unbanned.

  • I completely understand. This is greatly appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @ITryyy Don't hijack other peoples posts. Create your own. Also you didn't get banned for using a controller, that is not/was never possible.
    Post locked to prevent further abuse.

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