Ultimate cancer emblem pack

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  • Hello again. Now i present to you my icon pack


    Replaces most old emblems with my masterpieces (nope lol). In total, 219 out of 350 emblems were replaced.


    Added 16 emblems, now there are 235 of them in total. Also, some have been replaced with more attractive ones in my opinion. If someone liked the old emblems, I will add a link to download them at the end of the topic.


    Just click the link below

    • https://mega.nz/file/phxRFQrA#HH9-1GYgOFA4Vg67dSfyi8rzAif_4v79LMr18ZHDHiQ

    • Select the "iwi files" and "weapon iwi files" folder and drag it to the contents of these folders to the "images" folder located at "C:\Users(YOUR ACCOUNT)\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\iw5\images

    • The folders "pictures" and "weapon pictures" contain images of new emblems. If you wish, you can replace some to your taste.

    Some pics

    Без названия (1).jpg

    Без названия.jpg



    Link to old pack

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