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  • Today I'm sharing Hells Vengeance V2 which is a zombie mod menu for Black Ops II.
    Note that I am not the original author of this mod menu.

    It's already compiled so you just have to drag and drop it and enjoy!
    I'm just uploading it here because it has more features than the ones you can already find here.
    It's not recommended to mess with settings that weren't meant for PC or Plutonium like account settings, unlock trophies etc.

    This mod menu will make your game crash on Origins so play other maps or use another menu if you play this map.


    How to use

    Open the menu: Aim key + Knife key
    Confirm: Use key
    Cancel: Change stance key
    Go down: Previous scorestreak key
    Go up: Next scorestreak key

    Follow the instructions on the T6 modding guide.
    Drag and drop the .gsc file in the correct location and (re)start your game.
    Do not compile it! The file given is already compiled.

    Google Drive | Mediafire

    You can watch a preview of the mod menu here
    Youtube Video – [00:15..]

  • Nice Reset! Now I don't have to reset my files to get knife rank every time I rank up! lul XD
    Nice release

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