Server setup

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    A PC to host the server.
    An Internet connection.

    1. Getting the MW3 dedicated server files (you only have to choose one method of acquiring the files)

    Method A - Through SteamCMD (recommended for dedicated servers if you own the game on Steam)
    • Download SteamCMD.
    • Extract the files somewhere, just not into the folder where you want to install the server to.
    • Open a command prompt in the folder containing SteamCMD.
    • Start SteamCMD and let it update.
    • Start the SteamCMD with the following command lanch options:
      steamcmd.exe +login <USER> +force_install_dir <DIR> +app_update 42750 +quit
      Replace <USER> with your Steam username and <DIR> with the directory where you wish to install the server.
    • Wait until steam finishes downloading the server.
    B) Through PU.exe (recommended for dedicated servers if you don't own the game on Steam)
    • Will be added soon™.
    C) Through Steam (recommended for servers hosted at home or people who can install Steam on their server)

    2. Downloading and installing Plutonium:

    • Download the CLI installer for Plutonium here.
    • Put the installer into your MW3 Dedicated Server folder.
    • Run the installer.

    3. Basic configuration and the first start

    • Open the admin folder.
    • Open server.cfg in Notepad++.
    • Edit the file to your likings.
    • Open the default.dspl in Notepad++.
    • Edit the file to reflect the maps and gamemodes you want to host.
    • Create a new file in Notepad++ and paste the following into it:
      start /abovenormal plutonium_iw5mp_server.exe +set net_port <PORT> +set sv_config "server.cfg" +start_map_rotate
      Replace <PORT> with the port you want to use. (You will have to forward this port if you are behind a DNAT!)
    • Save the file as start.bat in the folder where your plutonium_iw5mp_server.exe is (make sure you have selected all types as type!)
    • Double click the file you just created.
    • Wait for the server to finish loading.

    4. (Optional) Advanced configuration

    4.1 Block Attachments, Killstreaks, Perks or Weapons
    • Open the .dsr file(s) you have used in your default.dspl file with Notepad++
      • Search for gameOpt commonOption.attachmentRestricted. + the attachment you want to block.
      • Search for gameOpt commonOption.killstreakRestricted. + the killstreak you want to block.
      • Search for gameOpt commonOption.perkRestricted. + the perk or grenade you want to block.
      • Search for gameOpt commonOption.weaponRestricted. + the weapon you want to block.
    4.2 Adding B3 (Big Brother Bot) to your server
    • Follow this tutorial to install B3 but don't run it yet.
      • I recommend the source code install with the latest stable release (win32 does not work!).
      • When you use the online configurator select MW2.
    • Download this zip and extract it into the parsers folder of B3.
    • Change the parser in your config to pluto_iw5.
    • Fire up the bot, and QUICKLY join the server to run !iamgod
      • A PW protection for the time between you add the bot and you run the command is recommended but not necessary!

    5. (Optional) Hosting a second server from the same directory.

    • Make copies of the start.bat file and the server.cfg
      • If you wish to run different game settings / different maps copy your .dspl and .dsr files as well.
    • Edit the copy of the bat file to have a different port and to use your second server.cfg
      (You must forward the second port as well if you are behind a DNAT!)
    • Edit the .cfg (, .dspl and .dsr) file(s) to your likings.
      • You must add seta g_log "<new file name here> so the second server does not try to log into the same file as the first one.
    • Start the server through the new .bat file.

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    Very helpful for some people, thanks mate

  • Where can i get b3?

  • You can download it here

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    The parser for cod8 will not work with Plutonium.

  • awaiting challenge response the whole time if i try to connect? solutions?

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    Make sure that the server is running, that you use the right IP and port and that no firewall is blocking the communication.

  • Can someone help me? Everytime I try to connect to my server it says 'our level fastfile is different from the server aborting connection'. Does anyone know what this means?

  • esto esta mal no acepta los scripts!!! y aparte esta habilitada la consola que tendria que esta desavilitada

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    @L4uch4 talk english only in the forums


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    @l4uch4 Please don't expect any help if you don't want to state your problem in English.

  • @L4uch4 habla en inglés


  • @l4uch4

    No estoy seguro, pero me parece que es porque Plutonium solo acepta scripts escritos en Lua. Los script que usas en tekno (c#) ya no sirven.

    I'm not sure, but I think it's because Plutonium only accepts scripts written in Lua. The scripts you use in tekno (c#) no longer work.

    PD: Si no sabes ingles, usa un traductor para ayudarte.

  • I have my personalisados and anti cheat script but they are c # and I do not feel like editing with lua. already with my 50 years I only like to play but without cheats my srver in tekno are like this with auto_ystem of kick = ban :: IP = HWID = GUID = XUID = NAME = XNADDR. Well, I wish you good luck with this project. a council improve the rcon ... I the unfortunate luck

  • Huinya these are your developments, after each update, you lost in average 200 players ... there were more than 30 of them over the years ... I started to play. There were 2,600 players ... and that in the end ... So on this client platinum ... will be max 100 players ... as now in mv2.

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    @godti Could you elaborate a little more? I didn't understand.

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    @godti Please refrain from speaking other languages than english in this forum section.

  • Is there a driver for the server?
    as well as server controll of dargula or SATm of scurzio?