How to play with bots / How to install Bot Warfare

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    This tutorial will show how to play with bots on Plutonium T4 multiplayer using the Bot Warfare mod.
    Whether you're trying to play solo with bots, a custom game with friends with bots or host a dedicated server with bots this guide will guide you through it.

    Please take a look at the FAQ at the bottom before asking for something

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    How to install Bot Warfare

    1. Go to the Bot Warfare repository for T4
    2. Click on the green Code button then click on Download ZIP
    3. Extract the t4m_bot_warfare-master folder inside the downloaded ZIP file anywhere on your PC
    4. In the extracted folder go in the out folder and right click on install.bat and click Edit
    5. In the opened notepad delete everything and paste this then save and close the notepad
    xcopy mp_bots "%LOCALAPPDATA%"\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods\mp_bots\ /Y
    1. Run install.bat. Press any key when it's done to close it

    How to play in solo with bots

    1. Start Plutonium T4 Multiplayer through the launcher as usual
    2. Go in Mods and launch mp_bots
    3. Once the mod is loaded create a private match
    4. Configure the game to your liking and start the match
    5. Open the Bot Warfare menu to configure and add bots.
      Alternatively you can type /bot 23 in the console to add bots.
      Replace 23 by the number of bots you want.

    How to play with friends with bots

    1. People connecting don't have to install the mod at all but they can if they want to play solo
    2. Start a private game like you would without the mod. Follow the custom game guide

    How to host a dedicated server with bots

    Work in progress

    Frequently asked question

    Q: How do I play with bots in zombies?
    A: To my knowledge you can't. The bot command will spawn bots made by Plutonium but they're made for debug/development so they don't move.
    An additional mod like Bot Warfare that adds logic is necessary and I don't know any mod that does that. If you know one feel free to answer this post and I'll add it.

    Q: How do I rename bots?
    A: Make sure your game is closed and go in %localappdata%\Plutonium\storage\t4\mods\mp_bots
    Open z_svr_bots.iwd with an archive software like 7-Zip or WinRaR.
    Then open bots.txt, change the values and save once you're done. One line is one bot name.

    Q: Why are the bots not moving?
    A: You either didn't install the mod or you didn't load it. Read the instructions again

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