[ City Of Mars V2 "The Final Awakening" Update - BO2 Nuketown Reimagined Plutonium ]

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  • @Krat-eroi

    Step 1. - Shoot off all the mannequin heads
    Step 2. - Once T.E.D.D says that hes spawned a head, locate it ( it's a floating head )
    Step 3. - Bring the head to the bunker
    Step 4. - Feed the mannequin wiht zombie souls
    Step 5. - Visit perk heaven
    Step 6. - Knife the bunker's door
    Step 7. - Activate the radio signal where the tv is located at
    Step 8. - Nighttime
    Step 9. - 3 generators rise up from the ground, feed zombies to them once again
    Step 9b. - Once generators are filled you('r) team receives 2 buyable traps in the map
    Step 11. - Nade step. Find the floating mini nuke bombs and nade them in correct order ( green light is always spawned at the next nuke that you'll need to nade )
    Step 11. - Pick up the final bomb from perk heaven
    Step 12. - Place down the bomb at galvas
    Step 13. - At the sides of both houses, knife the electric boxes with galvas
    Step 14. - Daytime
    Step 15. - You can do two lockdowns now.
    Step 16. - Upon doing mp5 house lockdown you'll receive a permanent phd flopper, Upon doing m16 house lockdown you'll receive a permanent stamina up.
    Upon doing the both lockdowns players receive a health boost ( upto 7 hits till downed ) & all the perks in the map while keeping the perks upon downing or dying completely. Players also receive the doom stick wonder weapon reward and when wanting to end the game, players can enter into a last stand battle and launch the final rocket...

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  • how do you get the wonderweapon
    i already did all the steps but i didn't get it
    i tried doing the last stand too but i didnt get it

  • I can't seem to find the last mannequin. The mannequins are random each game so sometimes it's fine but every couple games I can't seem to find the last one no matter how hard I try. I've just flown around the map in ufo for like twenty minutes searching all over and I couldn't find anything. Is one of the mannequin combinations bugged? Or is there an insanely hard to find mannequin that I'm missing?

  • @Saburr 2 are insanely hard to find or to see if you get those mannequin spawn locations.( once you know those spots, you feel dumb trust me I did too ) Do you have a discord? I could send screenshots of those locations for you in there if you still haven't figured out where they're at. I noclipped plenty of times and even I didn't find those locations till I actually realized where they were at by spawning in a mystery box fx on each mannequin upon starting the game.. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • @Fgacko last stand thingie is mainly meant for coop since if there are more than 1 players in the game, the last stand end game will activate upon launching the final rocket. However you don't need to go into endgame to get the doomstick. The doomstick reward is located next to the "Soul seeker trap".

  • @Ultimateman I feel like I'm gonna go mad if I keep looking so yeah please send them over, my discords Saburr#3485 Cheers:)

  • @Ultimateman AHHHHHH I just got to the LAST STEP in the server with 2 other chaps, and the lockdowns just DIDINT WORK, I have no idea if we i guess did something wrong. But I assume something is Sumoto happen when you try to activate either of the lockdowns, I don't even think the traps were working anymore as they didn't take my money or activate after a while. Also, the soul seeker's trap that im suposto be able to get the doom stick by??? Yeah, what soul seeker trap, neither of them are named this.

  • @SuckMyCock420 the traps can be located at the end of both backyards. those are the traps. which steps did you complete? could you list them so that I can see if you've missed something or if the server has just bugged. thanks.

  • Hello, love your work, i'm facing but tho, in solo/private whenever i go to perk heven to get jug it doesnt show the dringking animation, and the icon is not displayed till i dont exit perk heven, and after exiting it i cant switch gun, throw granates or buy anything. This eventually disappear, but the jug still doesnt work, making u go down with just 2 hits, i was wondering if u are aware of this bug
    It works just fine in multiplayer tho

  • @Gioppo You can't have any other mods running while playing city of mars v2. Check that your script folder is empty ( other than cofv2 files ). Let me know how it goes after that.

  • @Ultimateman I got 40 headshots but the heads don't show up on the map. I tried shooting all the dummies with an orange light but it didn't work. I can't go in Heaven Perks

  • @Ultimateman okay i have did a clean install and it seems working now, thanks!

  • @Gioppo glad to hear that ๐Ÿ‘

  • @Blue_YT that is an old ee step. make sure to remove any old files and download the latest version.

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  • @Ultimateman vous pouvez me les envoyer ? : ZenoxFR#0651

  • Maybe speak some english

  • @Ultimateman i added the files in the folder and my bo2 doesnt open anymore

  • then remove them

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