Updater is blank

  • Type: Multiplayer
    Description: After logging in on the updater, it is always just blank, no progress bar or anything. And whenever I click on the title bar it just crashes.
    Steps needed to reproduce: Open PU.exe, enter credentials, click login.

    Tried to open as admin, and use compatibility mode, delete and redownload.

    Game is downloaded from Steam

    alt text

  • Project Admin

    Problem is due to number of people downloading, keep trying every 20 minutes or so.

  • Still not working...

  • @vvlnt Make a new folder, call it whatever you want. After that is done, copy your clean/vanilla mw3 files there. Next also add the PU.exe in there, and start it. Now if all is fine, it should work, if not, keep us updated. Also if need any help in your native language, I gotcha bro #YourSouthernNeighbour #Eesti ;D .

  • still not working

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