[Release] Rem (RE:Zero) CM901

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  • Im back and with a more perfected gun skin for the (in my opinion) most underrated gun in mw3 and who to go along with such title than the legendary friendzoned Rem from RE:Zero, for this project i went from Zero (ha get it?) slowly made my way making the skin look good on the weapon itself. also properly did what i wanted to do on the ump45 which my mistake was taking the asiimov ump45 template and create the zero two variant, in the future ill make a 2.0 of the ump45. Also while im at it, if you have a suggestion on skin/gun let me know i want to try making more complex skins aside from anime

    installation is the same as previous skins

    Drive Link

    Plutonium IW5_ Multiplayer (r678) 5_17_2020 6_54_40 PM.png Plutonium IW5_ Multiplayer (r678) 5_17_2020 6_53_14 PM.png

  • I wouldn’t recommend using my asiimov skins as templates, it’s gonna be quite hard since everything is 3 colors 😂 what you can do is have my asiimov texture over laying the OG texture and lower the opacity to figure out what is what, good work just for starting out mate

  • @TheEliteDon yeah an oopsie on my part but now that i got the hang of it by using the full og template i can get to town

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