[Tutorial] Transferring ZM/MP Accounts from Redacted to Plutonium and vice versa

  • First of all I am not complaining about the dedicated servers for zombies are unranked or any bugs for that matter. If I have to report a bug I will report it in the forums/Discord server. This is a simple tutorial for people who used redacted in the past, that grinded ZM/MP in the client and want to transfer that to Pluto so that they're not missing anything.

    This is not a form of cheating I am not using third party software or exploits for my advantage on playing servers in Plutonium. Plutonium has account stats saved locally for Zombies and Multiplayer, players are able to back up their stats or (in this case) transfer them to another computer/client (Redacted). So it is pretty much safe to say that what I am doing is not against TOS.

    One last thing before we begin, make sure you back up your stats before transfer, I am not responsible for any loss data. Do this at your own risk.

    Okay let's begin

    Step 1:
    Acquire your stats from Redacted, located in Call of Duty Black Ops II\Plugins\OpenNetStorage\Userfiles, you will find a lot of files. Make sure you note the files for zombies and multiplayer:

    Zombie Stats name:
    MP Stats name:

    Step 2:
    Copy B4DAB91C.Redacted and/or 6FB26EA8.Redacted to your Plutonium save folder, located in Call of Duty Black Ops II\t6r\player\dw\%ProfileNumber%.

    Rename B4DAB91C.Redacted to zmstatsCompressed for your Zombies stats.
    Rename 6FB26EA8.Redacted to mpstatsCompressed for Multiplayer stats.

    Also to keep in mind to BACKUP your stats, don't want to lose them right?

    Step 3
    Make sure you delete every other files except zmstatsCompressed and mpstatsCompressed, for example:
    alt text
    Refer to the image above, delete files like mpdatabk0000 and zmdatabk0000. If you do not delete these files, your previous profile will replace what you transfered. Deleting these files will prevent that.

    Step 4
    Play! That's right! now you can play Plutonium T6 ZM/MP with your transferred stats!
    Also if you want to transfer from Pluto to Redacted, follow steps 1-3 and rename to previous names for redacted and delete any other files besides the transferred ones you renamed to prevent stats override.


    • For Multiplayer, if you get a "UI Error 58339" in order to fix this, you have to delete MP stats and start all over. This error is caused when you have more than 6 custom classes after prestiging. To avoid this error you must prestige but not unlock anymore custom classes, best to keep the default 5 custom classes.

    Any problems? Reply with your problem or you can contact me on Discord: Pistakilla#0134.

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